Hunterdon, Bucks & Covered Bridges

Hunterdon, Bucks & Covered Bridges  

Route Overview

Starting in Hunterdon County, this 66 mile route will take you over the backroads of Hunterdon and Bucks counties, providing views of three covered bridges in Bucks County and the only remaining covered bridge in Hunterdon County.

Begin your ride by parking in the Prallsville Mill Parking lot. There is usually plenty of parking, unless an event is scheduled. There are options to ride along the D&R Canal Towpath or roads along the ride. The majority of roads are smoothly paved. For a steep hill climb challenge, continue straight on Uhlerstown Hill Rd. at mile 25. This hill is not for the faint of heart. It's so steep that the road is closed to all cars during the winter months. Do not attempt the hill unless you are a very experienced rider; but it is worth a hike up just to see the views.

Just past mile 24 is a gas station with a convenience store. This is probably the first real opportunity for a rest stop. Another 22 or so miles and you find yourself at Ralph Stover Park in PA where you can find rest rooms and places to relax and picnic. At mile 50.5, you’ll come across the bicycle friendly Village Deli, or if you can wait another 5 miles you will reach the Carversville General Store, steeped in history and offering great food/snacks, rest rooms and a picnic area. At mile 62, you will reach the Lumberton General Store, but if you are not in the need of a rest stop, you can go directly across the bridge, back into Hunterdon County. There are rest rooms on the NJ side of the bridge at Bull’s Island.

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