Planning Your Ride

ABC Bike Check

  • Check that you have the correct amount of air pumped into your tires
  • Check that your brakes are functioning properly
  • Check that your chain is lubricated and that the drivetrain is running smoothly


Protect Your Head and Wear a Helmet

In the event of a crash, a properly fitted helmet can prevent or reduce the severity of head injuries. In New Jersey anyone under 17 years of age must wear an approved helmet. (NJ Dept. of Transportation)

  • 2 fingers should be the distance between eyebrows and the front of the helmet
  • Straps should form a “V” closely under the earlobes
  • 2 fingers should fit between the strap and chin


Be Visible Day & Night

  • Use daytime running lights and wear high viz clothing
  • Use a steady white front light, a flashing red rear light and wear reflective clothing at night


Use Hand Signals

Use hand signals to inform motorists and other cyclists know in which direction you are going.

  • Going Right
  • Going Left
  • Slowing Down/Stopping


Follow the Rules of the Road

Be predictable and act like a car. Stop at all red lights and stop signs; yield at intersections.