Planning Your Ride


Follow the Rules of the Road

Be predictable and act like a car. Stop at all red lights and stop signs; yield at intersections.

Cyclists should consider themselves as guests within a community. Cyclists should follow all applicable laws. Be predictable and act like a car. Stop at all red lights and stop signs; yield at intersections.

Mutual respect of residents, personal property, drivers, pedestrians, and other cyclists is expected and appreciated.

All cyclists must follow the rules of the road as outlined in the NJ Bicycling Manual (NJDOT). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cyclists must ride single file and stay as far to the right as is practicable per New Jersey law.
  • Cyclists must obey posted traffic control signs (i.e. stop/yield signs) and use caution at all intersections.
  • Cyclists must use hand signals to communicate with drivers intention to turn or stop.
  • Read more about bike laws

ABC Bike Check

  • Check that you have the correct amount of air pumped into your tires
  • Check that your brakes are functioning properly
  • Check that your chain is lubricated and that the drivetrain is running smoothly


Protect Your Head and Wear a Helmet

In the event of a crash, a properly fitted helmet can prevent or reduce the severity of head injuries. In New Jersey anyone under 17 years of age must wear an approved helmet. (NJ Dept. of Transportation)

  • 2 fingers should be the distance between eyebrows and the front of the helmet
  • Straps should form a “V” closely under the earlobes
  • 2 fingers should fit between the strap and chin


Be Visible Day & Night

  • Use daytime running lights and wear high viz clothing
  • Use a steady white front light, a flashing red rear light and wear reflective clothing at night


Use Hand Signals

Use hand signals to inform motorists and other cyclists know in which direction you are going.

  • Going Right
  • Going Left
  • Slowing Down/Stopping

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