Volunteer for Junior Solar Sprints

Race Day Volunteer Agenda

RACE DAY- Friday, May 17, 2019
Kingwood Township School, Kingwood Twp.

  • 7: 30 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. Arrival & Check in to your Role (tents will be clearly marked)
  • 8:30am - 11:30am Vehicle Judging
  • 9am - Noon (estimated) Speed Races (Start and Finish Judges)
  • 9am - Noon Fix It Table

A phone training will be offered for all judges in advance of Race Day.

Race Track Line Judges

Volunteers Line judges are positioned on both the Start (Start Line Judge) and Finish lines (Finish Line Judge) of the race track to monitor the racers.

Start Line Judge Start line judges watch to make sure that racers are all positioned behind the starting line and do not push their vehicle forward. Start Judges are also responsible for making sure that the students have the correct power source attached to their vehicle(s). If the race is being conducted outside and it is sunny, solar panels are used. If the weather in cloudy, or the race is being conducted indoors, battery power is acceptable. Line judges will make sure that all racers have good batteries.

Finish Line Judge Finish Line Judges watch the finish line to determine the “placing” of racers (1st, 2nd 3rd). Finish Line Judge will provide race results to the Scorekeeper.

Fix it Tables

Student Assistance Direct Assistance volunteers at the fix-it table will assist students in making last minute repairs or changes to their vehicles. Students will bring their vehicles up to the table to use the available different tools/part to fix or alter their vehicles for the race. Volunteers may confer with students and help guide, but not directly fix, student vehicles – with one exception: Students are not allowed to use the soldering iron. Volunteers will assist students by with soldering at student request. This is the only time that the students will be getting assistance from an adult with their vehicles.

Supply Distribution  Volunteer at the supply distribution table will be on hand to distribute needed part to students.

Table Judges

Judges score student entries at a judging table. Judges meet with each student team to look over vehicles and listen to the students explain their reasoning behind the design and engineering components of their vehicles. The goal is to establish that the students grasp the basic concepts of design/build/test/race. Judges are provided computer score sheets for each vehicle/team. Student vehicles are judged on 1) Craftsmanship, 2) Engineering, and 3) Best Use of Recycled Materials. Judges are responsible for one of each these categories.

Craftsmanship  Judging in the craftsmanship category includes an evaluation of the appearance, assembly and creativity of the vehicle.

Engineering Judging in the engineering category includes an evaluation of how well the car will perform, including gears, solar panel placement, and structural integrity.

Use of Recycled Materials Judging the use of recycled materials includes how much of the vehicle is made from recycled materials and/or if parts of the vehicle can be recycled post race.

Sustainable Hunterdon

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Sustainable Hunterdon contact
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