Is it Time for A Speed Study in Your Community?

goHunterdon is accepting requests from municipalities to conduct free speed studies of local roads. Using a “Speed Sentry” unit, more commonly known as the “Your Speed Is” sign, goHunterdon will collect data on traffic volumes and motorist speed. This data is evaluated and the municipality is provided with a written report documenting data with charts and graphs.

Speed studies are conducted over a one month period. The unit is first programmed to “stealth mode” (no display) to collect baseline data from passing vehicles. After one to two weeks, the sign is changed to “display” mode. In this mode, the sign continues to collect data but also displays the speed of oncoming vehicles and flashes a strobe when a motorist violates the speed limit. Speed is recorded in 5 mph bins and volume is recorded in 1 hour intervals.

At the conclusion of the study period, goHunterdon will provide the municipality with a written report which will provide information on traffic volumes, speed, compliance, and enforcement recommendations.

Municipalities interested in requesting a study must complete a Speed Study Agreement and provide a Certificate of Insurance.  For more information, visit or contact Ryan Fisher, goHunterdon Pedestrian and Bicycle Programs Coordinator,