Community Mobility

Public transit is a valuable community resource that can be intimidating for those unfamiliar with the system.  The Community Mobility Program provides comprehensive instruction in real-life transit scenarios to familiarize passengers with local transportation options.

The goal is to remove transportation barriers by helping passengers travel independently, safely, and confidently.

  • One-on-One Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Train the Trainer
  • Transportation Coaching

One-on-One Training

For passengers who need individualized attention, staff conducts comprehensive one-on-one instruction to specific destinations. This is the most flexible coaching option.

The Community Mobility Coordinator is available to teach you about all available transportation options and how to use them, including:

  • Reading and using system maps and schedules
  • Trip planning, including making transfers
  • Identifying, boarding, and disembarking vehicles
  • Paying fare
  • Street crossing safety
  • Following appropriate social behavior and system rules
  • Requesting stops and assistance with special needs

As appropriate, we will walk you through how to call the LINK Central Dispatch office to discuss your travel needs and schedule your trip. If you would like, we will even accompany you on your first bus or train ride!

Classroom and small group training

Classroom and small group training offers a less intensive approach than one-on-one training by providing general route demonstrations and familiarization. During these sessions, staff will review sample ride scenarios. This method is recommended for passengers who are familiar with the community but need a refresher on public transit use, as well as groups of friends who could support each other in the future.

Train the Trainer

Classroom style instruction is available to individuals and organizations, allowing them to serve as a resource for the populations they serve. Topics include system overviews, accessibility, reading a schedule, and trip planning.

Employment Transportation Coaching

Are you looking for work and rely on public transportation? The Community Mobility Coordinator is available to meet with you to discuss opportunities for you to have a successful job search by creating customized travel plan based on current bus and train schedules.

"Transportation Coaching" offers individuals increased confidence and self-reliance as they learn to travel independently. The skills they learn improve the passenger's quality of life by encouraging community integration, participation in recreational and employment opportunities, and overall independence.

Community Mobility

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Community Mobility contact
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