New Rack Cards Complement County’s “Explore Hunterdon” Tourism Initiative

new rack cards complement county’s “explore hunterdon” tourism initiative

Newly designed Bike Hunterdon “rack cards” are being distributed throughout the county as part of goHunterdon’s ongoing collaboration with the Hunterdon County Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The new cards visually complement the County’s existing tourism initiative rack cards~ Hunterdon 579 Trail, Hunterdon Beer Trail, and Hunterdon Main Streets.

“Recreational bicycling brings many people to Hunterdon County. Through our collaboration with goHunterdon, we are hoping to attract even more by incorporating the Bike Hunterdon brand into our other tourism initiatives,” says Marc Saluk, Director, Hunterdon County Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

For more information about bicycling in Hunterdon County, visit

Bicycle Tourism: Cyclists Welcome!

Bicycle tourism is a growing segment of the tourism industry, supporting local communities, businesses, and economies. According to a study by the Outdoor Recreation Association, bicycle travelers stay longer in a region and spend up to 40% more than the average motorized tourist.

goHunterdon has been actively promoting Hunterdon County as a bicycling destination since the launch of the Bike Hunterdon initiative in 2010.

One way to support bicycle tourists is to identify establishments like coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, and retailers where they can easily park their bicycle, grab a bite to eat and re-fuel,“ says Tara Shepherd, goHunterdon executive director. “Our Cyclists Welcome program provides businesses with an opportunity to highlight themselves as particularly welcoming to bicyclists.

More than thirty Hunterdon businesses have already signed up and received a colorful free decal to display at their business. A list of current “Cyclists Welcome” locations is available here.

Hunterdon businesses are invited to request a decal by completing a brief online form.

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“Summer of Cycling” Highlighted by Collaboration with Explore Hunterdon NJ

“Summer of Cycling” Highlighted by Collaboration with Explore Hunterdon NJ

goHunterdon has launched a “Summer of Cycling” campaign, with a variety of “Bike Hunterdon” branded initiatives to promote Hunterdon County as a bicycle tourism destination.  The effort is being coordinated closely with the Hunterdon County Department of Economic Development and Tourism “Explore Hunterdon NJ” tourism campaign.

Bike Hunterdon Website Features Hunterdon County Tourism Initiatives
The website has been updated with features to allow visitors to sort bicycle routes along the Hunterdon County 579 Trail, Hunterdon County Beer Trail, and Hunterdon Main Streets tourism initiatives. “It is a natural fit for goHunterdon to include our tourism initiatives on their Bike Hunterdon website,” says Marc Saluk, Hunterdon County Economic Development and Tourism Director. “Outdoor recreation and bicycling in particular are great draws for visitors to Hunterdon County. Bike Hunterdon is a great complement to our Explore Hunterdon efforts.”

“Cyclists Welcome” Bicycle Friendly Business Recognition
Outreach and “crowd sourcing” continues to identify and recognize businesses that are particularly inviting to bicyclists.  “Bicyclists look for establishments like coffee shops, breweries, restaurants, and retailers where they can easily park their bicycle, grab a bite to eat and re-fuel,” says Caryl Harris, goHunterdon Bicycle Specialist. “Our goal is to help the business community to understand the amenities that attract cyclists and to identify businesses where bicyclists are particularly welcome. Providing these establishments with a free colorful “Cyclists Welcome” decal clearly identifies those businesses for bicyclists.”  For more information or to nominate a business, click here.

“Pedal and Park” Bicycle Rack Loan Program
The availability of bicycle racks is key to supporting bicycling and creating an environment in which bicyclists want to patronize local businesses.

goHunterdon continues to promote the “Pedal and Park” Bicycle Rack Program to local businesses and tourism destinations. Bicycle racks are “loaned” out to businesses, municipalities, and organizations for a period of approximately 1-2 months to gauge use and assess bicycle parking need. The goal of the bike rack loan is to allow the recipient to see the value in offering bicycle parking and ultimately purchase their own permanent rack. Currently, bike racks are on loan at Federal Twist Vineyards and Stockton Food Store in Stockton; Gabby’s Pizza & Pasta and Flemington DIY in Flemington; and Polka Dot Café, High Bridge.  Information about the rack loan program, including request form is available here.

What to Know: New Jersey’s New Safe Passing Law

What to Know: New Jersey’s New Safe Passing Law

New Jersey’s new Safe Passing Law went into effect on March 1, 2022. The law aims to prevent the near misses, injuries, and deaths that often occur on New Jersey roadways.

  • Drivers in New Jersey are now required to approach and pass vulnerable road users with “due caution.” Due caution means both slowing down and giving the other user plenty of space when passing:
  • Drivers must follow all current no-passing, no speeding laws AND move over a lane IF there’s one to move into.
  • On a single-lane road, drivers must allow at least a 4-foot safety zone when they pass.
  • If 4 feet is not possible on a section of road, drivers must slow to 25mph and be prepared to stop until they can pass safely without endangering those sharing the road.

Violating these guidelines will result in a driver receiving a fine of $500 and two motor vehicle points, if bodily harm is caused. If no injury occurs, the fine is $100. Read the full New Jersey Legislature Bill (A5570/S2208)

Hunterdon to “Welcome Cyclists” During Bike Month

Hunterdon to “Welcome Cyclists” During Bike Month

May is National Bike Month, promoted by the League of American Bicyclists and celebrated in communities from coast to coast. Established in 1956, National Bike Month is a chance to showcase the many benefits of bicycling.

goHunterdon will celebrate National Bike Month by welcoming cyclists to Hunterdon County.

“Hunterdon County has become a premier bicycling destination within the region,” says Caryl Harris, goHunterdon Bicycle Specialist. “Hunterdon County’s winding country roads, open spaces, trails, mountain biking, and gravel routes offer something for cyclists of all ages, abilities, and interests,” she notes.

The theme for Hunterdon County Bike Month 2022 will be “Cyclists Welcome”, with a number of efforts planned to attract bicyclists to Hunterdon County for the spring and summer cycling season. “goHunterdon has promoted bicycling within Hunterdon County under our “Bike Hunterdon” initiative for the several years,” says Tara Shepherd, Executive Director. “The Bike Hunterdon website offers a wealth of information on various bicycle routes, bike shops, and amenities that bicyclists will enjoy when they ride in Hunterdon County.”

“We’ve updated the website with new bicycle routes, new bike shops and clubs, as well as places to stay, eat, and socialize while riding in Hunterdon County,” says Caryl Harris.  “Many of the new routes include stops at local breweries, wineries, and farm markets,” she notes.

Throughout the month, social media will be used to promote Hunterdon’s bicycling assets. A crowd sourcing campaign will help goHunterdon to identify businesses and destinations that are particularly welcoming to cyclists. “We’ve created an online form that can be used to nominate businesses that offer the types of amenities that support bicycling~ availability of bike racks, grab and go food items, access to restrooms, and offering water for refillable water bottles,” says Harris.

“We’ll continue to promote the “Pedal and Park” Bike Rack Loan Program to local businesses,” says Harris. The program offers businesses a portable bike rack on loan for a period of up to one month to evaluate if a bike rack would be used and of value to the business. “And, we will continue to compile an inventory of available bike racks across Hunterdon County for listing on the Bike Hunterdon website,” she notes.

Supporting bicyclists is good for the local economy. A study by the Outdoor Industry Association (2017) found that bicycling participants spend $83 billion nationally on ‘trip-related’ sales (bicycle tourism).

“The theme of “Cyclists Welcome” coordinates with Hunterdon County’s new tourism initiative, Explore Hunterdon, The Other Side of Jersey. “Outdoor recreation is a major component of tourism in Hunterdon and bicycling is a huge part of that. We’re known for our scenic rides and the Bike Hunterdon initiative continues to do a great job getting the word out to cyclists everywhere,” says Marc Saluk, Hunterdon County Economic Development Director.

Special presentations and promotions are planned throughout the month as part of Hunterdon County Bike Month. Follow Bike Hunterdon on social media for more information: and

Coming Next Month: “Cyclists Welcome” Campaign

According to a study by the Outdoor Recreation Association (2017), bicycling participants spend $83 billion on ‘trip-related’ sales (bicycle tourism), and generate $97 billion in retail spending.

goHunterdon, through the Bike Hunterdon initiative, is developing a new campaign to help local businesses capture some of that spending. The “Welcome Cyclists” campaign will provide information to downtown merchant associations and their members on how to become more bicycle friendly.  Continue reading “Coming Next Month: “Cyclists Welcome” Campaign”

Celebrating a “Summer of Cycling”

After a successful virtual Hunterdon County Bike Month event during May 2020, goHunterdon is now promoting a “Summer of Cycling” through the organization’s “Bike Hunterdon” initiative.

“Hunterdon County offers so much for bicyclists of all ages and abilities. With peaceful rural roads, scenic vistasexhilarating mountain bike trails, and miles and miles of family friendly multi-use paths, there really is something for everyone,” say Caryl Harris, goHunterdon Bicycle Specialist.

“During this unique time of COVID19, we have been inspired by the quote that “the bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems”, says Harris.  

Nationally, bicycling has increased in popularity in recent months as individuals and families are looking for activities to replace traditional group activities.  According to the NPD Group, which tracks retail-sporting-goods sales, children’s bike sales in March were up 56 percent compared to March 2019. Adult leisure bike sales are up a whopping 121 percent.

“There are so many people who have rediscovered a bicycle that may have been sitting in their garage or shed,” says Harris. “We’re encouraging Hunterdon residents to get out on their bikes and ride!”

goHunterdon’s Bike Hunterdon initiative promotes bicycling in Hunterdon County through the website. The site features bicycle routes/rides, information on bike maintenance and listings of local bike shops and bike clubs. The site also provides important bicycle safety information and New Jersey bicycle laws.

goHunterdon is using social media, including a Bike Hunterdon Facebook GroupInstagram, and the goHunterdon YouTube Channel, to engage directly with the community.

For more information, visit any of the online sites noted above, or contact Caryl Harris,

“Pedal and Park” Bike Rack Loan Program

Bicyclists are good for business. And, adequate bicycle parking tells bicyclists that they are welcome at a business or in a community.

According to the Adventure Cycling Association, towns with populations of just 750 people can generate more than $25 million from bicycle tourism annually. “Bicyclists require relatively little to attract them to your business or community, but bicycle parking is a key amenity to attract and welcome bicyclists to patronize local stores,” says Caryl Harris, goHunterdon Bicycle Specialist.

As part of the Bike Hunterdon initiative, goHunterdon is offering bicycle racks to local businesses and municipalities, for periods of up to one month, free of charge, to test demand for bicycle parking. “The bike rack loan program allows businesses and communities to gauge for themselves whether a bike rack is of value,” says Harris.

“During the COVID19 pandemic, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of local residents who are choosing to ride recreationally and use their bicycles as a form of transportation,” notes Harris.  “We are seeing individuals and families ride into town for ice cream, pick up to go orders from local restaurants, or ride to the farmers market” she reports.  “Providing an appropriate place for bicyclists to park becomes important.”

Businesses and municipalities may request to borrow a 4-bike or 8-bike capacity rack.  goHunterdon will deliver and secure the rack at an agreed upon location for up to 30 days.

For more information, contact Caryl Harris, goHunterdon Bicycle Specialist,, or complete an online request form: