“Smart Summer Fun” Online Activities Offered by goHunterdon

goHunterdon has announced the availability of free online summer activities for K-8 students and their families.  The activities reinforce the curriculum offered by goHunterdon to local schools as part of the organization’s environmental education and bicycle/pedestrian safety programming.

“Summer 2020 presents a unique opportunity for Hunterdon students to have fun and stay engaged with hands-on, active learning,” says Tara Shepherd, executive director.

“The bicycle and pedestrian safety activities all have a “Take it Outside” element,” says Ryan Fisher, Safety Programs Coordinator.  “Activities include an “I-Spy” walking game, performing an “ABC Quick Check” of your bicycle before riding, and an “egg drop” helmet experiment. Several “do it yourself” craft activities, like creating “galaxy sneakers” or making homemade sidewalk chalk provide for hands on fun,” he adds.  The bicycle and pedestrian activities may be viewed here: https://www.gohunterdon.org/summer-learning/srts

For those who are looking for STEM education aligned activities, the environmental education resources include activities related to electric vehicles, alternative energies, and air quality. Activities are arranged by grade level and include a greenhouse gas experiment, creating a battery from pennies, building a windmill, designing a car powered by a balloon.

“goHunterdon’s environmental education program has always focused on hands-on learning,” says Jodi Bettermann, Environmental Education Coordinator. “Teaching young people today provides an opportunity for lifelong awareness of the role that they can play in improving the environment,” she notes. “This summer is a great time to help children develop curiosity around these topics,” she adds. The environmental education activities may be viewed here: https://www.gohunterdon.org/summer-learning/env-ed

For more information, contact Ryan Fisher, rfisher@gohunterdon.org, Safety Programs Coordinator  or Jodi Betterman, jbettermann@gohunterdon.org, Environmental Education Coordinator.

Idling Focus of Winter Walks to School

Colder weather can present challenges to students who normally walk to school. For parents, it can be tempting to just drive or pick up their student.

goHunterdon is coordinating “Winter Walks” this month for students in Hunterdon’s walkable school districts to reinforce the physical and environmental benefits of walking over being driven to or picked up from school. Continue reading “Idling Focus of Winter Walks to School”