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  • Recent Traffic Alerts

    • 05/27 4:11PM Construction
      I-78 WB, x29: Bridgewater I-78 WB, x29: Bridgewater - delays due to earlier debris spill. Center lane is reported closed.
    • 05/27 6:40AM Weather
      DENSE FOG ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT UNTIL 10 AM THIS MORNING Visibility ¼ mile or less in dense fog. Reduce speed, use your headlights, avoid distractions. Watch for wildlife, pedestrians, bicyclists.
    • 05/22 3:56PM Incident
      Route 33 NB and I-78 BD: Easton Route 33 NB and I-78 BD: Easton - delays on I-78 BD approaching x71: Rte 33 due to motor vehicle accidents north of I-78 merge on Rte 33 NB.
    • 05/22 6:43AM Construction
      N Main St @ West Rd: Flemington N Main St @ West Rd: Flemington - reports of downed wire in roadway coned off. Use caution.
    • 05/22 6:34AM Incident
      Route 202 and Main St: Three Bridges Route 202 and Main St: Three Bridges - reports of motor vehicle accident with 1 OT vehicle. Use caution.
    • 05/21 3:37PM Construction
      I-78 WB, x33: Bernardsville I-78 WB, x33: Bernardsville - delays to x29: Bridgewater due to construction. Right lane closed until 4:00 pm.
    • 05/19 3:33PM Construction
      I-78 EB, x29: Bridgewater I-78 EB, x29: Bridgewater - EB delays due to roadwork east of x29: Bridgewater. 1 to 2 lanes closed for repairs until 5:00 pm.
    • 05/18 3:31PM Incident
      I-78 WB, x11: Pattenburg I-78 WB, x11: Pattenburg - delays due to earlier accident west of x11: Pattenburg. Right lane closed.
    • 05/15 3:42PM Congestion
      I-78 EB, x33: Bernardsville/x40: Watchung I-78 EB, x33: Bernardsville/x40: Watchung - congestion between x33: Bernardsville and x40: Watchung due to volume.
    • 05/14 12:52PM Incident
      I-78 EB, x6: Bloomsbury I-78 EB, x 6: Bloomsbury-Crash and fuel spill east of Exit 6 - CR 632. All lanes closed.
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    Traffic Alert Abbreviations

    • EB- Eastbound
    • WB- Westbound
    • NB- Northbound
    • SB- Southbound
    • BD- Both Directions
    • IAO- In Area Of


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