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Our free Traffic Alert Service (TAS) provides weekday alerts on traffic congestion, traffic accidents, construction closures & detours, weather related travel conditions, and other relevant travel information to commuters traveling to or through Hunterdon County, NJ. Alerts are available via email during peak commute hours, 6:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

The Traffic Alert Service (TAS) is an information forwarding service. Incident information is sent as quickly as we receive it and can format it for alert distribution.
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Map of Coverage Area

Two general types of alerts are sent regarding conditions on roads within the service area

Incidents/Congestion Alert: 

Includes accidents, police/fire activity, disabled vehicle and delays due to volume or scheduled events (i.e. balloon festival, fairs, etc.).

Construction/Weather Alerts:

Includes scheduled or emergency roadwork, closures and delays due to construction, as well as roadways impacted by storms, flooding, downed trees/wires/poles, snow/ice conditions, sun glare, fog, etc.

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Recent Traffic Alerts

  • 11/16 4:24PM Incident
    I-78 WB, x15: Clinton I-78 WB, x15: Clinton - delays due to motor vehicle accidents IAO x15: Clinton.
  • 11/16 3:59PM Congestion
    I-78 WB, x57: Newark I-78 WB, x57: Newark - congestion due to volume.
  • 11/16 8:20AM Incident
    I-78 WB, x4: Stewartsville/Bloomsbury I-78 WB, x4: Stewartsville/Bloomsbury - delays due to disabled TT in the left lane east of x4: Stewartsville/Bloomsbury.
  • 11/16 8:12AM Incident
    I-78 EB, x29: Bridgewater I-78 EB, x29: Bridgewater - delays due to motor vehicle accident west of x29: Bridgewater. Left lane and shoulder are blocked.
  • 11/16 8:03AM Congestion
    Route 173 @ I-78: Bloomsbury Route 173 @ I-78: Bloomsbury - congestion due to volume.
  • 11/16 8:00AM Weather
    *Wires/Tree Down* Lilac Dr @ Kiceniuk Rd: Annandale *Wires/Tree Down* Lilac Dr @ Kiceniuk Rd: Annandale - reports of wires/tree down IAO Kiceniuk Rd: Annandale. Plan alternate route.
  • 11/16 7:42AM Congestion
    *UPDATE* I-78 WB, x3: Phillipsburg *UPDATE* I-78 WB, x3: Phillipsburg - heavy congestion continues back through x7: Bloomsbury due to weather conditions and volume at x3 merge. Reports of stopped traffic continue at NJ/PA border. Avoid route or expect delays.
  • 11/16 7:39AM Weather
    School Rd @ Pulaski Rd: Whitehouse Station School Rd @ Pulaski Rd: Whitehouse Station - reports of a downed wire between Pulaski Rd and Kline Blvd. Plan alternate route.
  • 11/16 7:37AM Incident
    I-78 EB, x56: Newark I-78 EB, x56: Newark - delays due to motor vehicle accident on local lanes west of x56. Left lane closed.
  • 11/16 7:35AM Incident
    Route 173 @ Mine Rd: Bloomsbury Route 173 @ Mine Rd: Bloomsbury - reports of disabled vehicle west of Mine Rd: Bloomsbury. Use caution.
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Traffic Alert Abbreviations

  • EB- Eastbound
  • WB- Westbound
  • NB- Northbound
  • SB- Southbound
  • BD- Both Directions
  • IAO- In Area Of


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