Promoting Safety at Local Summer Camps

Promoting Safety at Local Summer Camps

Summer provides a unique opportunity for goHunterdon to educate young people on bicycle and pedestrian safety at local summer day camps.   “Throughout the school year, we engage with young people through our Safe Routes to School Program, but safety is a year round message,” says Ryan Fisher, goHunterdon Safety Programs Coordinator.

“The summer camp environment offers a relaxed environment and give us more flexibility in the kinds of activities we can schedule,” he adds.

Summer camp activities include outdoor bicycle safety rodeos, interactive helmet safety demonstrations, and bicycle and pedestrian “relay race” style safety games. goHunterdon also offers indoor camp activities for rainy days.

goHunterdon staff bring all of the equipment, knowledge and fun needed to engage campers with bicycle and pedestrian safety activities at no charge.

Visits are scheduled at camps in Lebanon Borough, Raritan Township, Hampton Borough, and Flemington Borough.

For more information or to schedule a goHunterdon camp activity, contact Ryan Fisher, Safety Programs Manager,

What to Know: New Jersey’s New Safe Passing Law

What to Know: New Jersey’s New Safe Passing Law

New Jersey’s new Safe Passing Law went into effect on March 1, 2022. The law aims to prevent the near misses, injuries, and deaths that often occur on New Jersey roadways.

  • Drivers in New Jersey are now required to approach and pass vulnerable road users with “due caution.” Due caution means both slowing down and giving the other user plenty of space when passing:
  • Drivers must follow all current no-passing, no speeding laws AND move over a lane IF there’s one to move into.
  • On a single-lane road, drivers must allow at least a 4-foot safety zone when they pass.
  • If 4 feet is not possible on a section of road, drivers must slow to 25mph and be prepared to stop until they can pass safely without endangering those sharing the road.

Violating these guidelines will result in a driver receiving a fine of $500 and two motor vehicle points, if bodily harm is caused. If no injury occurs, the fine is $100. Read the full New Jersey Legislature Bill (A5570/S2208)

“Smart Summer Fun” Online Activities Offered by goHunterdon

goHunterdon has announced the availability of free online summer activities for K-8 students and their families.  The activities reinforce the curriculum offered by goHunterdon to local schools as part of the organization’s environmental education and bicycle/pedestrian safety programming.

“Summer 2020 presents a unique opportunity for Hunterdon students to have fun and stay engaged with hands-on, active learning,” says Tara Shepherd, executive director.

“The bicycle and pedestrian safety activities all have a “Take it Outside” element,” says Ryan Fisher, Safety Programs Coordinator.  “Activities include an “I-Spy” walking game, performing an “ABC Quick Check” of your bicycle before riding, and an “egg drop” helmet experiment. Several “do it yourself” craft activities, like creating “galaxy sneakers” or making homemade sidewalk chalk provide for hands on fun,” he adds.  The bicycle and pedestrian activities may be viewed here:

For those who are looking for STEM education aligned activities, the environmental education resources include activities related to electric vehicles, alternative energies, and air quality. Activities are arranged by grade level and include a greenhouse gas experiment, creating a battery from pennies, building a windmill, designing a car powered by a balloon.

“goHunterdon’s environmental education program has always focused on hands-on learning,” says Jodi Bettermann, Environmental Education Coordinator. “Teaching young people today provides an opportunity for lifelong awareness of the role that they can play in improving the environment,” she notes. “This summer is a great time to help children develop curiosity around these topics,” she adds. The environmental education activities may be viewed here:

For more information, contact Ryan Fisher,, Safety Programs Coordinator  or Jodi Betterman,, Environmental Education Coordinator.