Employment Transportation Planning Available to Job Seekers

goHunterdon’s Employment Transportation Planning assistance continues to be available to job seekers needing transportation to get to work. goHunterdon’s Community Mobility Coordinator is available to “meet” with job seekers via phone or Zoom video conference to discuss individual needs, discuss available transportation options, how to use services, and establish a transportation budget. Continue reading “Employment Transportation Planning Available to Job Seekers”

Hunterdon County Virtual Walk & Bike to School Week

Hunterdon County Walk & Bike to School Week has long served as the kick off of the spring walking season at Hunterdon schools that participate in the Hunterdon County Safe Routes to School Program, facilitated by goHunterdon.  The annual event has always provided a fun and engaging way to reinforce the goals of its program- “Where it is safe, get kids walking and bicycling; where it is not safe, make it safe.”

Barley Sheaf Elementary School, Bloomsbury Elementary School, Califon Public School, Clinton Public School, Delaware Township School, Frenchtown Elementary School, Hampton Public School, High Bridge Elementary School, Lambertville Public School, Lebanon Borough School, Milford Public School, and Reading-Fleming Intermediate School all participate in the Hunterdon Safe Routes to Program.

While students were not walking or bicycling to school this year, the event was still held-  virtually!

Virtual Hunterdon County Walk & Bike to School Week took place last week, Monday, May 4 to Friday, May 8, 2020. Students and teachers were encouraged to walk or bike at home or in their neighborhood.  Daily themes and activities, like Motivation Monday, Terrific Tuesday, Walk Safe Wednesday, Thumbs Up Thursday, and Find it Friday made each day exciting. Videos were created for each day and sent to the schools to share with students. All of the videos have been posted to goHunterdon’s YouTube channel.

Students were provided with worksheets for each day and logged in the number of minutes that they walked or bicycled at home during their remote school day.

The friendly Golden Sneaker Trophy competition, a cornerstone of Hunterdon County Walk and Bike to School Week, continued as well, with schools competing to determine which school logged in the greatest number of minutes of activity.  The winner will be announced soon during a special virtual trophy presentation with the winning school!

For more information, contact Ryan Fisher, Safety Programs Coordinator, rfisher@gohunterdon.org

Bike Hunterdon: A Celebration of Cycling

“The bicycle is a simple solution to some of the world’s most complicated problems”.

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our lives in ways that were unimaginable just a few short months ago. For many, our daily “hustle/bustle” came to an abrupt halt. For essential workers who are serving on the front lines and those who have been impacted by COVID 19, life has become even more intense. Continue reading “Bike Hunterdon: A Celebration of Cycling”