County Commissioners Award Funding To goHunterdon to Enhance Transportation Access

Hunterdon County Commissioners Award Grant Funds to goHunterdon to Enhance Access to Transportation

On April 16, 2024 members of the Hunterdon County Board of County Commissioners presented goHunterdon with funding in the amount of $100,000 through a special Non Profit Grant program created by the Board of County Commissioners in fall 2023. Funding for the grant program came from State and Local Recovery Funds, received by Hunterdon County under the American Rescue Plan.

The funds will be used by goHunterdon to supplement the Hunterdon County LINK Transportation System’s “Special Transportation Service” (STS), which is offered to seniors, persons with a disability, and veterans for in-county and out of county medical trips that cannot be accommodated within the existing LINK System. The enhancement of the STS project will allow Hunterdon County to expand transportation access and capacity, address particular gaps in service, and maximize efficiency of existing LINK service.

Commissioner Director Jeff Kuhl presented the check to Tara Shepherd, goHunterdon Executive Director, and shared, “As a Board we are pleased to present these funds to goHunterdon. The monies from this grant will help enhance access to safe transportation for residents of Hunterdon County where LINK services might be limited.”

“goHunterdon is proud to accept these funds to support the transportation needs of residents and to work collaboratively with the County to enhance LINK service, said Shepherd.

Residents in need of transportation for in-county or out of county medical appointments should contact LINK Dispatch at 1-800-842-0531 at least two weeks prior to appointments to discuss transportation needs.