HART Promotes Transportation Options at Hunterdon Medical Center

HART’s Community Mobility staff was recently on hand at Hunterdon Medical Center to provide patients and visitors with information on the available transportation options on getting to the Medical Center and medical appointments. HART responded to inquiries about how to use the Hunterdon County LINK Transportation Service, local taxis, and Lyft.

Lyft is an app-based on-demand transportation service. Hunterdon Healthcare recently designated three “Lyft pick up” locations have been designated and signed as pick up locations on the Hunterdon Medical Center campus: 1) Front entrance 2) Doctor’s Building entrance and 3) Emergency Department

HART staff answered many questions about Lyft service, including how to download the app and how to view fare estimates. According to Lyft, more than 3.5 million Americans cannot get the care they need because they are unable to secure transportation to or from their doctor’s office. Hunterdon Healthcare responded by  providing additional transportation resources to help patients keep scheduled appointments and not delay needed care.

“It is gratifying to be part of an initiative that provides another transportation option in Hunterdon County,” said Tara Shepherd, HART Executive Director. “We applaud Hunterdon Healthcare for recognizing the transportation challenges of patients and continuing to be innovative in offering more solutions.”

HART’s Community Mobility Program provides one on one and small group instruction to familiarize individuals with local transportation options so that they may get around independently, safely, and confidently.

More information about Community Mobility in Hunterdon County