Large Foundation Grant Award Supports Hunterdon Healthcare Access Transportation Program

goHunterdon has been awarded a $15,000 grant from The Large Foundation in support of the Hunterdon Healthcare Access Transportation Program.  The program provides Uber and Lyft rides for Hunterdon County senior citizens to get to non-emergency medical appointments. Launched in 2020, the program has provided more than 2,500 rides for patients of Hunterdon Health resulting in more than 1,300 appointments kept.

The Large Foundation was established by George K. Large before his death in 1958. His primary purpose was to benefit local non-profit organizations and those serving local people with an emphasis on health services and agencies as well as social services, youth agencies, and community development.

“The financial support of The Large Foundation allows goHunterdon to provide this invaluable service to seniors who often have no other way to get to needed primary care appointments, follow up care, or routine screening appointments,” says Tara Shepherd, executive director.

“As trustees we evaluate the local needs of the residents here in Hunterdon County and provide funding that we hope impacts those needs in a positive way, says Catherine Langley, Large Foundation President. We know this funding will lessen the burden on our senior residents who need to get to necessary medical appointments. We hope this will help them to live their healthiest lives,” she noted.

The program is also currently supported through a grant from the Horizon Foundation for New Jersey.