Students to Complete in Electric Vehicle Challenge

Students to Complete in Electric Vehicle Challenge

goHunterdon’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Challenge program engages Hunterdon students in grades 6-8 to learn about alternative energy and electric vehicles by designing, building, and racing electrically powered model cars.  Students learn about the environmental impacts of fossil fuels and how electric vehicles offer an alternative to the traditional combustion engine used in many cars.

More than 440 students at nine (9) Hunterdon schools (Kingwood Township School, East Amwell Township School, Woodglen School, Alexandria Middle School, Immaculate Conception School, High Bridge Middle School, Reading Fleming Intermediate School, Franklin Township School, and Readington Middle School) are participating in the program this school year. Lessons on greenhouse gases, vehicle emission, and climate change are interspersed with lessons on design, engineering, gear ratios, and prototype building.

Students have been tasked with transforming a few components including a motor, wheels, axles, and a battery pack into a unique and functioning model race car. Beyond these materials, students may use anything they like to build their vehicle. The only two required materials that must be used are the battery pack and motor; everything else is fair game.

Student teams from several participating schools will convene for a countywide race in May to determine the fastest electrically powered model vehicle.

The Hunterdon Electric Vehicle Challenge is made possible with the financial support of sponsors 3M, Green Power Energy, and ExxonMobil Research & Engineering.

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