Sustainable Hunterdon Supports Municipal Efforts

Sustainable Hunterdon Initiative Supports Municipal Certification Efforts

goHunterdon’s “Sustainable Hunterdon” initiative provides free assistance to Hunterdon municipalities and schools seeking certification under the statewide Sustainable Jersey program. Sustainable Jersey is a nonprofit organization that provides tools, training, financial incentives and certification recognition in support communities as they pursue sustainability programs.

There are nine (9) Hunterdon communities that are presently certififed under the Sustainable Jersey Program: Clinton Town, Franklin Township, Frenchtown Borough, High Bridge Borough, Holland Township, Lambertville City, Raritan Township, Readington Township and West Amwell Township.

goHunterdon is currrently assisting three (3) communities that are in the process of being recertified under the program; Frenchtown Borough, High Bridge Borough, and Lambertville City. Action items being documented by these communities with goHunterdon involvement include Anti-Idling Education & Enforcement Programs, Safe Routes to School programming, and adoption of a Complete Streets policy.

For more information about Sustainable Jersey, visit  To find out how goHunterdon can help your community, contact Nathan Charron, Environmental Education Coordinator,