Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Hunterdon County

Transportation emissions from fossil fuels are the single largest source of air pollution in New Jersey. Reducing this emissions source is integral to improving public health and meeting the state’s greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goals.

In recent years, New Jersey has taken a number of steps to encourage the increased use of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs), in particular Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs), including:

  • Providing a sales tax exemption for battery-powered or fuel cell-powered zero emission vehicles.
  • Providing rebates for workplace EV charging infrastructure.
  • Including a goal in the State Energy Plan to increase the number of natural gas truck, bus and vehicle engines.
  • Signing a measure to allow the sale of Tesla and other zero-emission cars in the state.
  • Approving a pilot program to build NGV fueling stations.
  • Providing grants for commercial NGVs in specific counties.

Hunterdon County is home to six EV charging stations. goHunterdon has created an online inventory of these stations. A full list of station locations, as well as the type of charger, and public access information is available here.  https://www.gohunterdon.org/electric-vehicle-charging-stations-in-hunterdon-county

Municipalities interested in helping to facilitate Alternative Fuel Vehicles may benefit from a guidebook published by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority. https://www.njtpa.org/getmedia/dc73758e-12e2-4146-8522-5cf613cd23b1/NJTPA-AFV-Readiness-Guidebook_Dec2017_FINAL.pdf.aspx

Related resource: https://afdc.energy.gov/fuels/